Why SEO or Why Social Media Marketing 

If you want to use content the capture and engage your audience then Social media marketing could be your jam. Content will speak to your tribe. It will inform your tribe; help you build stronger relationships and brand loyalty. The social scene online is where the cool kids’ hangout to be with other like-minded product or information savvy searchers. To the social seekers, that connection is worth its weight in gold. Content on social media speaks to more of our emotional side. Evoking sparks of empathy, anger or anxiety. Emotions that creates motion, using the emotion to drive more interaction and more engagement. Content that seems to resonate best with the audience are shorter more condensed snip-it’s in either pictures or headlines. 

For the SEO side of things, do not discount content here too! Using SEO, you will be finding your target audience, this is paramount. This is where you do your homework finding your avatar personas. Knowing your audience cannot be overstated. You will create your strategies based on your avatar. Once you have your character developed next you will fill in the blanks looking for what they want to learn and what lifestyle or behaviors they may have. Your audience will have unanswered questions that now becomes your job to provide the most accurate answer possible. When it is all said you will probably use social media marketing to find your ideal target audience for SEO marketing. SEO can take steady effort but will tend to yield higher conversions. While social media marketing you are required to make constant content but with a higher loyalty and that can mean conversions too! 

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